20+ Years Experience

We proudly use the industries leading technology to meet todays strict factory standards

Professional [20+ Years Experience]

Earth Friendly and

Environmentally Conscious

Our waterborne basecoat system contains considerably less volatile organic compounds (VOC) than conventional solvent-borne basecoat.

Earth Friendly and [Environmentally Conscious]

Meet Original

Factory Specs

Our laser measuring system restores your vehicle back to factory specs within the millimeter.

Meet Original [Factory Specs]

Collision Repair in

North Sioux City, SD

Local dependable collision repair service right here in North Sioux City, South Dakota

Collision Repair in [North Sioux City, SD]

About Dreamworks Collision Center

We may be new to the North Sioux City business community but we carry deep roots in the local auto industry. How long you ask?

It all started with a “Dream” in the “Works” many years ago. Chad, one of the owners, comes from a family with a history steeped in the automotive and service industry. Chad’s great grandfather owned and operated auto dealerships in Logan, Magnolia, Missouri Valley, and Pisgah, Iowa. In Logan his business partner was “Kit” Carson, grandfather of Johnny Carson, TV star of the “Tonight Show”. While his paternal grandfather worked in a Chevy dealership in Onawa, Iowa, his maternal grandfather owned a general store in Pisgah, Iowa. This is where Chad gets his service above and beyond mindset. At Dreamworks we feel we can offer small town service along with the same value offered by the “big box” collision centers. It didn’t just stop there Chad’s mom was the secretary in a collision center for 5 years and later was an Instructional Assistant in the Auto Body Class at Central Campus High School in Sioux City, IA for another 5 years. Of course we can’t leave out the strong roots Chad got from his dad who has been in the auto industry since 1969 with 2 years in the U.S. Army and 18 years and 8 of those years as manager at a local dealership collision center in Sioux City, IA. In 1991, Chad officially became employed in the collision industry and worked at a large collision repair facility until 1997 when he moved to a local family owned dealership where he worked in the collision center from 1997 to 2012.

It isn’t just Chad who has the auto industry roots, his wife and business partner, Katrina comes from a family with a large history in the auto industry as well. It all started with Katrina’s grandfather who started in the auto industry at a young age. Her paternal grandfather began working professionally in the collision center at the local GM dealership in Winner, SD in 1951. Katrina’s dad like his father took interest in the auto industry at a young age too. He began working professionally as a mechanic in 1979. After many years working for others he decided in 1989 to open his own service station in the Riverside area in Sioux City, IA. He owned and operated the 76 station along with her mother for 15 years. Katrina spent much of her childhood helping her parents. At one point during this time there were four generations involved in the “family business.” Until just 6 years ago Katrina’s dad was still locally working as a mechanic. As you can see we are deeply rooted in the auto industry in this family.

We have learned through the years that as our society moves towards a market based on large franchise “big box” stores in everything from electronics to hardware, and now in our area auto and collision centers Dreamworks mission is “To offer customer service above and beyond expectations along with a value equal to that of the “big box” stores with repairs being done by only the best highly trained technicians using the latest cutting edge technology available.”

20 Years of Professional Experience

001autobody_repairDreamworks Collision Center is the areas newest auto body repair facility.  Staffed with technicians who have over 20 years experience in the industry. Dreamworks Collision Center is equipped with the latest measuring and refinishing equipment to meet the industries ever changing needs. Our computer controlled bake booth is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of todays modern water base paints.
Do not take the choice to choose a repair facility lightly. Once your vehicle has been repaired you need it to function the way the factory designed it to.  Should it be involved in another collision you and possibly your family’s safety may be in jeopardy if repairs are not properly done.


  • Lifetime Warranty on Repairs
  • Chief Laser Measuring System
  • Meet Factory Specs
  • Local Family Owned Business
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee